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Sibiu, Brasov

The highlight of this tour is Sibiu, the heart of Germanic Transylvania. In the Middle Ages Sibiu was surrounded by three concentric rings of fortified walls. Some of the walls have survived, along with fascinating network of squares, staircases and towers.


Time: All year
Duration: Full day
Group Size: 5 people or larger
Price: €40 / person
Included: Driver, van and all related expenses, Brasov pick-up and drop-off
Not included: Meals, entrance fees, guide


Fagaras Citadel, Fagaras, Romania

Built in 1310 on the site of a former 12th century wooden fortress (burned by the Tartars in 1241), Fagaras Citadel was enlarged between the 15th and 17th centuries and was considered one of the strongest fortifications in Transylvania.

Sambata de Sus Monastery, Sambata de Sus, Romania

Sâmbăta de Sus Monastery (Romanian: Mănăstirea Sâmbăta de Sus) is a Romanian Orthodox monastery. Constantin Brâncoveanu, Prince of Wallachia, built a stone and brick church in place of an older wooden one around 1696, with the monastery established by 1701.

Sibiu, Romania

The city of Sibiu (German: Hermannstadt; Hungarian: Nagyszeben) and its surroundings are one of the most visited areas in Romania. It holds one of the best preserved historical sites in the country, many of its medieval fortifications having been kept in excellent state.


English speaking tour guide: €100 / group

Pastravaria Albota Complex, Arpasu de Sus, Romania

The Păstrăvăria Albota Complex can be included in the tour. Situated in an idyllic location in the Făgăraș Mountains, the complex offers horseback riding, biking, fishing, archery and cycling options. A sauna, a seasonal pool and sport fields are also available on site.